Official web site of the H.M.S. Hood Association, the veterans and families of H.M.S. Hood. Thorough compilation of historical information, references, data, imagery and links concerning British battle cruiser H.M.S. Hood and crew.


The London Gazette
The London Gazette publishes all official notifications such as Letters Patents appointing Boards of Admiralty, Flag Rank promotions and awards of knighthood etc. The web site has a massive searchable archive covering the entire period featured by this site.


The National Archives
Official web site of the National Archives, the U.K.’s main repository for archive material from the Admiralty and other Government Departments. The majority of the information you see in this site has been sourced from the National Archives. We are grateful to them for their ongoing support and permission to access the original documents of the ADM 196 series without which this site could not exist.


The National Maritime Museum
Sea, Ships, Time and the Stars – so says the strapline. But it’s a whole lot more that that. As well as the world renowned museum, the site is also home to the Caird Library – a wonderful resource for the naval researcher. Home to the Hood (and other) Ship’s Cover and the Chatfield papers amongst other gems.

The Naval Review

The Naval Review is the Royal Navy’s independent professional journal, published quarterly since 1913, and it is, primarily, written for Naval Officers, by Naval Officers. It has no connection with the Ministry of Defence

The Royal Naval Museum

Aside from the well known and excellent Museum and preserved ships such as H.M.S. Victory and H.M.S Warrior, the RNM is also the site of the re-located Admiralty Library which comprises as rich resource for those interested in researching the Royal Navy and the men who served. An excellent web site too with a database of all manuscripts held as well as learning and on-line research sections.