Updated 27-Jan-2008

Shown here are various types of flags used by British warships between 1904 and 1945. This is by no means all of the flags used. There were actually many more used during that timeframe. We will try to add these as time permits. If you have flag artwork that you would like to submit to this page, please contact us.


Union Flag (aka Union Jack)
Above- The Union Flag. This is commonly, but mistakenly called the "Union Jack". The only time it is referred to as such is when a Royal Navy ship is in port and is flying this flag on her bows.

Rear-Admiral Flag
Above- A Rear-Admiral's flag. This denotes the command of a Rear-Admiral.

White Ensign
Above- The White Ensign. This flag is flown from all Royal Navy warships. In times of battle, warships would often fly one or more larger versions of this flag known as "battle ensigns".

Vice-Admiral Flag
Above- A Vice-Admiral's flag. This denotes the command of a Vice-Admiral.

Full Admiral Flag
Above- An Admiral's flag. This denotes the command of a full Admiral.