Updated 24-Oct-2007

The Naval Staff was the subject of much debate in the years immediately before the First World War. Its genesis came at that time and expansion followed during the war years. Here we will cover holders of the most significant appointments as shown in the list below as well as documents relating to the formation and development of the staff.


Naval Staff

Director of Air Materiel
Director of Air Personnel
Director of Dockyard
Director of Education Department
Director of Operations Division
Director of Naval Air Division
Director of Naval Equipment
Director of Naval Intelligence
Director of Naval Ordnance
Director of Naval Recruiting
Director of Personal Services
Director of Plans
Director of Signal Department
Director of Training and Staff Duties Division
Director of Tactical Division
Director of Torpedoes and Mining
Engineer-in-Chief of the Fleet
Hydrographer of the Navy
Medical Director General of the Navy
Paymaster Director General

Assistant Chief of Naval Personnel


Naval Secretary to the First Lord of the Admiralty