Fleets and Stations
Updated 21-Oct-2007


This list is, at present, incomplete. Further details will be added as they come to light and as time permits.

Commander in Chief, Portsmouth
From To Name
30 July 1912   Admiral Sir Arthur William Moore
Source: Navy List April 1912
30 July 1912   The Honourable Admiral Sir Hedworth Meux
Source: Navy List April 1915
Notes: Admiral of the Fleet 5 March 1915
5 March 1916   The Honourable Admiral Sir Stanley Cecil James Colville
Source: Navy List April 1918
31 March 1919   Admiral Sir Cecil Burney
Source: Navy List October 1919
28 April 1920   Admiral Sir Somerset Arthur Gough-Calthorpe
Source: Navy List October 1922
28 April 1923   Admiral Sir Sydney Robert Freemantle
Source: Navy List January 1926
28 April 1926   Admiral Sir Osmond de Beauvoir Brock
Source: Navy List March 1929
29 April 1929   Admiral Sir Roger John Brownlow Keyes
Source: Navy List March 1931
Notes: Admiral of the Fleet 8 May 1930
9 June 1931   Admiral Sir Arthur Kipling Waistell
Source: Navy List October 1933
17 January 1934   Admiral Sir John Donald Kelly
Source: Navy List April 1936
13 July 1936   Admiral Sir William Wordsworth Fisher
Source: Navy List April 1937
3 July 1937   Admiral The Earl of Cork and Orrery
Source: Navy List April 1939
Admiral of the Fleet 21 January 1938
30 June 1939   Admiral Sir William Milbourne James
Source: Navy List April 1942
1 October 1942   Admiral Sir Charles James Colebrooke Little
Source: Navy List April 1944
1 March 1945   Admiral Sir Geoffrey Layton
Source: Navy List April 1945