Updated 29-Mar-2009

To fulfill its role of protecting British international interests, the Royal Navy had fleets and stations located around the world. Listed here are the main appointments from 1904 to 1945. Below is a list of the major appointment we hope to cover as time permits


Allied Naval Commander-in-Chief, Expeditionary Force
Commander-in-Chief, Africa
Commander-in-Chief, British Pacific Fleet
Commander-in-Chief, China Station
Commander-in-Chief, America and West Indies Station
Commander-in-Chief, Atlantic Fleet
Commander-in-Chief, Ceylon
Commander-in-Chief, East Indies Station
Commander-in-Chief, Grand Fleet
Commander-in-Chief, Home Fleet
Commander-in-Chief, Levant
Commander-in-Chief, Mediterranean Fleet
Commander-in-Chief, Nore
Commander-in-Chief, Plymouth
Commander-in-Chief, Portsmouth
Commander-in-Chief, Rosyth
Commander-in-Chief, South Atlantic
Commander-in-Chief, Western Approaches

Flag Officer Commanding, Battle Cruiser Squadron
Flag Officer Commanding, First Battle Squadron
Flag Officer Commanding, First Cruiser Squadron
Flag Officer Commanding, Second Battle Squadron
Flag Officer Commanding, Third Battle Squadron
Flag Officer Commanding, Second Cruiser Squadron
Flag Officer Commanding, Fourth Cruiser Squadron
Flag Officer Commanding, Fifth Cruiser Squadron
Flag Officer Commanding, Tenth Cruiser Squadron
Flag Officer Commanding, Aircraft Carriers
Flag Officer Commanding, Eleventh Aircraft Carrier Squadron
Flag Officer, Aircraft Carriers, Eastern Fleet
Flag Officer, H.M. Australian Squadron
Flag Officer, Naval Air Stations, Australia
Flag Officer (Destroyers) British Pacific Fleet
Flag Officer, Carrier Training and Administration
Flag Officer, Ceylon
Flag Officer, Destroyer Flotilla, Mediterranean Fleet
Flag Officer Commanding, Dover
Flag Officer, Eastern Africa
Flag Officer, Eastern Mediterranean
Flag Officer (Air) East Indies Station
Flag Officer Escort Carriers
Flag Officer Commanding, Gibraltar
Flag Officer, Gibraltar and Mediterranean Approaches
Flag Officer, Home Fleet Aircraft Carriers
Flag Officer, Home Fleet Destroyer Flotillas
Flag Officer, Levant and Eastern Mediterranean
Flag Officer in Charge, Malta
Flag Officer Commanding, Malta and Central Mediterranean
Flag Officer, Northern Area, Mediterranean
Flag Officer Commanding, Orkneys and Shetlands
Senior Officer, Red Sea Force
Flag Officer Commanding, Royal Indian Navy
Flag Officer, Submarines
Flag Officer, Taranto and Adriatic
Flag Officer Commanding, West Africa
Flag Officer, Western Italy
Flag Officer, Western Mediterranean
Flag Officer Commanding, H.M. Yachts

Admiral Commanding, Reserves
Admiral Commanding, R.N. College, Greenwich
Admiral Superintendent, Kilindini
Admiral Superintendent, H.M. Dockyard, Malta
Admiral Superintendent, H.M. Dockyard, Portsmouth
Admiral Superintendent, H.M. Dockyard, Rosyth

Vice-Admiral (Q), British Pacific Fleet
Vice-Admiral Commanding, Reserve Fleet

Rear-Admiral (Q), British Pacific Fleet

Deputy to Commander-in-Chief, East Indies
Deputy Naval Commander, South East Asia
President, R.N. War College
Second in Command, British Pacific Fleet
Second in Command, Eastern Fleet
Second in Command, Home Fleet
Second in Command,Mediterranean Station