Fleets and stations
Updated 21-Oct-2007


This list is, at present, incomplete. Further details will be added as they come to light and as time permits.

Commander-in-Chief, China Station
From To Name
24 July 1919   Vice-Admiral Sir Alexander Ludovic Duff
Navy List July 1922
10 September 1922   Admrial Sir Arthur Cavenagh Leveson
Navy List October 1924
22 April 1925   Vice-Admiral Sir Edwyn Sinclair Alexander-Sinclair
Navy List October 1926
8 November 1926   Vice-Admiral Sir Reginald Yorke Tyrwhitt
Navy List October 1928
28 November 1928   Vice-Admiral Arthur Kipling Waistell
Navy List October 1930
28 February 1931   Vice-Admiral Sir William Archibald Howard Kelly
Navy List July 1931
11 March 1933   Admiral Sir Frederick Charles Dreyer
Navy List October 1935
11 January 1936   Vice-Admiral Sir James Colebrooke Little
Navy List July 1937
5 February 1938   Admiral Sir Percy Lockhart Harnam Noble
Navy List April 1939