Vice Admiral

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Personal Details
Source: ADM 196/44 Service History
Date of Birth 13/10/1889
Place of Birth Alverstoke
Name of father Vice Admiral S.C. Holland
Profession of father Vice Admiral, Royal Navy
Wife's Name  
Date of Marriage  
Place of Marriage  
Date of Death  
Place of Burial  

Rank History
Date attained Rank attained
Source: Service record ADM 196/52 unless otherwise stated
15/01/1905 Naval Cadet
15/05/1906 Midshipman
30/09/1909 Sub-Lieutenant
31/11/1911 Lieutenant
31/08/1919 Lieutenant-Commander
31/12/1924 Commander
30/06/1932 Captain
06/02/1942 Rear-Admiral
01/06/1945 Vice-Admiral and placed on retired list

Rewards & Distinctions
Source: ADM 196/452 Service History
Gained 1/2 months' time on passing out
Cavalier of the Crown of Italy Gaz. 22/6/17
Mentioned in Despatches Gazette 01/07/1941
Mentioned in Despatches Gazette 06/01/1942
KCB Gazette 01/01/1945

Source: ADM 196/52 Service History
July 09 Passed Sea/ship 2nd Cl 848/1000
Sept 09 Passed Part I (A3. B3.)
Oct 09 Passed Torpedo c cl 157/200
Dec 09 Passed Pilotage 2 cl 814/1000
Apl 10 Passed Gunnery 1 cl 873/1000
June 16 Qualified as Lieut. (S) 2nd Class

Special Attainments or Qualifications
Source: ADM 196/52 Service History
CW 6599/26 PSC 9/7/26

Service / Appointments History
Source: Service History ADM 196/52 unless otherwise stated
Other sources used in this section
Ship Station Date of appointment Date of discharge Cause
Britannia Trg Ship 15/1/92 15/5/06 Passed out
Suffolk Med 15/5/06 3/9/07  
Irresistible Med 3/9/07 18/2/08  
Bulwark Home 18/2/09 14/9/09 Part I
Blenheim for Alfridi   3/5/10 17/2/11  
Victoria & Albert   17/2/11 31/8/11  
?Actaeon? for Kennet *   13/10/11 11/11  
Tamar for Welland *
* inlieu of Sub Lieut.
  11/11 17/4/12 Otter
Tamar for Otter by CinC China
in lieu of Sub Lieut.
  17/4/12 1/4/13 Home
Welland China 1/4/13 13 supd
Shannon 2GSq 10/3/14 18/12/15 Cancelled
& Shannon for P/T duties   6/7/14  
Victory addl to qualify in (S)   18/12/15 30/6/16  
Queen addl(S) as Flag Lieut
to Rear Adml Kerr
  30/6/16 6.5/17  
Queen Elizabeth for S. W/T duties
in Grand Fleet
  6/5/17 14/4/19  
Revenge for W/T duties
2nd Battle Squadron as
Squadron Wireless Officer
  14/4/19 3/5/21  
Victory addl for Signal School tempy
Iron Duke as Fleet Wireless Offr
  22/07/21 10/23  
President addl tempy for duty with DSD for period of 6 months   7/1/24    
Victory addl tempy for UT   15/12/23    
President addl for further service in Signal Dept. ???   7/7/24    
Re-apptd on promotion   21/12/24    
President addl for duty with DSD tempy   7/1/25    
Transferred to books of Victory   15/4/25    
Victory addl for UT not exceeding 6 months   15/5/25    
President addl for Staff Course at RN Staff College (?????)   15/9/25    
President addl tempy for duty inside Admiralty   5/5/26    
President addl for Staff Course RN Coll Greenwich   14/5/26    
Victory addl for SO Tech Crs Pt 2.   9/8/26    
Victroy addl for U.T.   10/7/26    
Victory to resume from UT   5/10/26    
Pembroke for UT ?????   ?27/9/27?    
Pembroke for Kent   1/12/27    
& Kent of Comg for service     9/29 supd
President for Staff Coll Greenwich   13/1/20 9/3/32 supd
Victory addl for SO's Technical Course   17/10/32    
Victory addl for Special Service Course   13/2/33 30/6/34 Cttee discharged
DL 2/2 Signal Books Cttee M. 02833    
?Kempenfelt? in comd on recomg
& as Capt (D) 2nd Destroyer Flotilla Vice ?Bodden-Whelham?
Osprey addl for sh course   2/7/34 ?6/1/34? ???
???? addl for course at ???Def Coll DL 28/9   12/1/37    
Victory addl SO Tech Crs   19/10/36    
President addl for duty inside Admiralty   18/12/37    
???? on the books of President ??? Naval atachee Paris ?????   17/1/38 9/4/40  
Ark Royal addl & Ark Royal in cmd & as Flag Capt CSO & VA Aircraft Carriers ????   10/4/40
Cormorant addl tempy as Naval Liaison Offr on staff of Governor of CinC Gibraltar.   25/5/41 41  
Victory addl whilst unemployed   20/4/41
Promoted to R/A   6/2/42    
President addl duty inside Admiralty   10/3/42    
& to be ? DHSIV? ??????   24/3/42    
RA ?? (administration) ??????   27/11/43    
To be Flag Officer Force N tempy (To serve rank of R/A)   .45    

Source: ADM 196/52 Service History
Date of Report General Conduct Ability Professional knowledge, specifying any particular branch Whether temperate habits Special knowledge or acquirements (Languages, Drawing, & c.) Remarks, mentioning any special defects or high qualifications as regards Zeal, Judgment, Physical Qualities, & c., and if specially recommended for advancement. Remarks
?June 07? VG VG VG Yes Very promising officer Cap Tupper
1/08 VGI VG VG Yes  
7/09 VGI VG VG Yes Reliable promising ____
12/10 VG VG VG(N) Yes Geometrical Drawing   Capt. Dent
3/11 VG VG VG (N) Kept watch at sea, Geometrical Drawing, French. Cdr. ?Shackensie?
Liable to sea sickness in Destroyer. More suitable for a big ship. Exceedingly zealous & hardworking.
Strongly recd for N Duties
12/11 All VGI Yes Trusty. Specially aptitude in (N) Recd. Lt A Rose.
2/13 Capable trusty. Wd make good TBD ?Concur? Recd Lt ?Peirse?
Nov 14 VAll VGI (Nav). A most capable pilot. Exceptional abilities as Exec Ofr. Lt Cdr Thomson
7/15 ?Satfty? Exceptl Excellent Navn. Hardwkg, Zealous, great tact in dealing with ???under ?him? Cr Mackworth
11/14 ?Satfty? Exceptl Excellent 1st Lt. Keen. Hd Working, good organiser, capable navigator, tactful Lt Cdr Thomson
7/15 All VGI ???? trustworthy pilot Capable ??? Zealous, recomd for advancement Cr Mackworth
6/16 Satis, Ab Aver, Geometrical Drawing, Careful & accurate (N) offr Capt Miller
26 Aug 16 Sat Ab Av.(a) Yes. Efficient "N" officer. Zealous. Acted with Coolness and Courage Aug 19 1916 Capt Miller
Mar 17 Sat Excptl Navigation - Capable, confident, shows good judgement Capt Paton
1/19 Sat Av Av. Cery efficient and sound. Excpt good nav have every confidence in him. Capt Paton
5/19 Sat Ab Av Keen officer in charge of ???? Shd make ex Senior Officer Capt Lake
4/30 Sat Ab Av(b) Marked ability depdbl ???. Tactful. Ad Parker concurs. Capt Raikes
8/30 Sat Ab Av(b) Zealous, energetic & capable takes exceptl int in his duty. Strong influence. Tactful. Capt Sawbridge

Special Reports or Service
Source: ADM 196/52 Service History
Instructed by (N) Ofcicer Oct-Dec 06
Assisted (N) Officer Jan 09
14/6/10 Admitted Haslar (Tonsillitis) 2 weeks
22/6/10 Unfit. To be resurveyed 29/6/10
29/6/10 Found fit.
W/K recd Mch 1911
Apl 11 Placed on list of candidates for (N) duties
NL 9881 Dec 1911 Praised on occasion of Inspn of Nubian
G0535/12 Contributed to good results in Battle Practice.
Due home 29/9/13
Appln to be paid 1st Class Navigating Offrs allowance refused ALCW 24/12/15
14/9/16 Forwards med cert as to sprained ankle due to fall from a horse.
22/9/16 Survey ?KMDG? when fit to proceed
27/10/16 Found fit for shore service only
17/11/16 Found fit
22/1/19 A. VG b.VG Displayed greatest zeal. c. Entire confidence. d. Excellent e. North Sea, Baltic, Mediterranean. f. Every confidence. g. Has ability & knowledge. Capt. Paton.
19/3/19 ?Advanced? Plymouth 7 days??
16/4/19 Discharged ???
MDG 15/5/19
Resurveyed MDG 15/5/19 Found fit
30/1/20 Surveyed MDG Unfit. Hernia, to be admitted King Edward Viii's Hosp for operation. Survey MDG on discharge
3/3/20 Surveyed MDG found fit
CW 226/26 Approved to discontinue N duties on promotion 14/2/26
CW 448/26 Appln Staff Course noted 16/1/26
CW11014/26 Surveyed ??? Dept 16/11/26 Septic tonsil ?Proposes a surveying operation at King Edward Vii Hospt ????? 2/12/26
CW11638/26 Found fit 6/12/26
CW11988/29 Recommended for IDC 12/29
DG 11595/30 Sick on shore - 23/10/30 Dislocatin of shoulder - Probable duration - uncertain.
CW 818/35 Offr makes enquiry re Interpreter's exam. Infd eligible for Lower Standard ?only? (Art. 368(1) KRAI) should apply by 16/2/35. No gratuity would be payable if he qualified.
CW 1345/35 Applies to sit for Interpreter's exam ??? in April 1935 - French ??? noted for exam.
CW 3866/35 Failed exam for acting interpreter in French April 1935
Brought to notice in recognition of distinguishued services in connection with operations in the Field Mar - June 1940 Gazette 20/12/40
SSBA 1309 of 18/4/42 Assumed command of the 4th CS 13/8/42
CinC EF 0326Z / 14/4/42
CS4 03372 / 30/6/42 Flag Transferred from newcastle to Birmingham 2/7/42
also 1344/11/7? CinC EF 1327Z/5/1/43 Assumed duties ??? in cd EF in sucn to VA AU Willis 6.1.43
Gazette 23/2/43 Mentioned in Despatches for bravery and resource during operations in Madagascar.

Captains Confidential Reports
Date Remarks Reporting Officer
13/02/33 to 25/12/33 (c) (d) (f) (g) - 7; (e) (h) (l) (m) - I.K. The above assessments have been made with reference to Committee work only. Has plenty of tact and common sense. Excellent social qualifications. Very loyal. Thoroughly embued with staff physcology. Locgical and clear headed. Has good knowledge of tactical and strategical requirements. Can draft a good minute or instruction but has a temndancy to reduce the words and phrases used so much as to render to not equally clear to others who have not got the same grasp of the subject. Rear-Admiral W.F. French
26/12/33 to 30/06/34 Captain Holland's work on the Signal Book Committee has been marked by excellent judgement, wide knowledge, tact and energy, and his organising ability has been invaluable. Owing to the special nature of the appointment and work, which only tests a limited range of an officer's qualities I confine my assessment to the foregoing remarks  
1.1.17 Capt. B. afforded me assistance of the gretaest value, both as a G. expert & in the compilation of Battle Orders. I owe a great deal to him.and have not completed the remaining sections of this report. V/A Colvin
09/03/35 to 30/07/35 (c) (d) (e) (g) (h) (i) 6; (f) 7; (j) (m) Yes. Captain Holland is a very keen officer who takes the greatest interest in his present appointment in which he is learning a lot and who I think is turning out a good Captain "D". Most loyal and tactful and has put a very keen spirit into his Commanding Officers and Flotilla. From the opportunities I ahve had of judging him, he handles his flotilla well. Socially he does the "Service" great credit and the successful visit of the 2nd D.F. to Lisbon in February and H.M.S. Kempenfelt to the Thames in May are largely due to these qualities. He should do well in a higher command. Commodore E.L.O. Thomson
I concur with the above. Captain Holland is developing fast and should go far. Adml. The Earl of Cork and Orrery
09/03/35 to 07/04/36 (c) (e) (f) (g) (h) (l) 6; (d) (i) 5; (j) Yes, (m) I.K. Capt. Holland has only served directly under my orders from March 1935 to Augurst 1935. During this period I formed the opinion that he was been and was gaining great experience in his command. He is clever, has powers of initiative and takes good interest in his officers and men. His social qualities are excellent and he can be relied on to represent the service anywhere with the greatest credit. Physically fit and has good powers of endurance. R/A E.L.O. Thomson
He has not been with the H.F. since I joined it. Adml Sir R Backhouse
12/09/35 tp 02/04/36 (f) 7; (c) (d) (g) (l) 6; (e) (h) (i) 5; (j) (m) Yes. Captain Holland has carried out the duties of Captain (D) Second Destroyer Flotilla (Aden). He has been most hardworking, loyal and tactful and has excellent social qualities. In view of his limited amount of experience as a Commanding Officer, he has not had sufficient opportunities to enable him to fulfil the administrative requirements if a Captain (D), (this again brings out the desirability of a Captain serving in command of a cruiser before being appointed as Captain (D). He has greatly improved in this respect, is the right type for higher command, and with more experience will make an excellent Captain (D) & develop into a very good Flag Officer. V/A F.F. Rose
07/04/36 to 07/10/36 (c) (e) (g) (h) (i) (l) 7; (d) (f) 6; (j) Yes (m) Yes An officer of more than average ability & intelligence. Has acquitted himself well as a Captain (D) & gained valuable experience. Good powers of leadership & an attractive personality. Hold the ?respect?, ?liking? & confidence of his Commanding Officers. Keen on riding & sport generally. Physical appearance & powers of endurance very good. Social qualities excellent. ??? inclined and a good head. Captain (Commodore 2nd Class) H.D. Pridham-Whippell
I agree. This officer possesses personality & leadership & initiative. He is definitely "alive" mentally & physically. I formed a high opinion of him although only a short time in company. Admiral Sir Roger Backhouse/
20/12/37 Imperial Defence College 20/12/37 This officer possesses all the attributes required by a member of any Joint Staff. He expresses himself well both on paper & when speaking. His views are sound & he can argue them in a straightforward & friendly manner. He has a cheerful & pleasant personality & has mixed ery well with the other students here. He has been an asset to the course. Air Marshal Sir Arthur Longmore
17/01/38 to 06/02/39

Supercession of DNI (c) to (m) I.K. Subject o the opinion of the Ambassador:- Captain Holland is a thorough, painstaking, capable and successful Naval Atachee.

Concur Vice Admiral Sir Andrew ???

Vice-Admiral JAG Troup
17/01/38 to 08/04/40 (a) Satisfactory; (b) Yes; (c) (f) (g) 8; (d) 9; (e) (h) (l) I.K. An exceptional Officer who has established and maintained most excellent relations with the French and has won universal esteem among the Embassy staff and the international comunity in Paris. A letter from H.M. Minister i Paris is attached, (SGD) J.H. GODFREY REA ADMIRAL 28th May 1940 I concur (SGD.) T.S.V. PHILLIPS VICE CHIEF OF NAVAL STAFF 28th May 1940

COPY OF LETTER. No. 501. (22/22/40)(sic) From: British Embassy, Paris.

My Lord,

I have the honour to inform your Lordships that Captain Cedric Holland, R.N., left Paris on April 9th on the termination of his appointment as Naval Atachee at this Embassy and British Naval Liaison Officer with the French Ministry of Marine.

2. Captain Holland is the happy possessor of all the qualities which a successful Naval Atachee requires. His high professional qualifications are indicated by the important active command with which he has now been entrusted and he enjoyed the confidence and esteem of all the French officers with whom he was in contact, in particular of Admiral Darlan, who has spoken of captain Holland and his work in terms of the highest praise.

3. Captain Holland's excellent relations with the French Naval Authorities were invaluable on the outbreak of war, when it fell to him to organise the arrangements for liaison between the British and French navies. This task captain Holland performed with his usual efficiency and the organisation of which he created, as the firt British Naval Liaison Officer is as successful as all Captain Holland's work here has been.

4. On his departure Captain Holland was promoted to Commander of the Legion of Honour, a grade which is usually confined to officers of the rank of Admiral.

5. Mrs. Holland has ably seconded her husband in the social field. In addition she performed very valuable work after the outbreak of war for and among the refugees from Alsace and Lorraine. I have the honour to be, with very great truth and respect,
My Lord, Your Lordship's most obedient, humble servant, (SGD). RONALD H. CAMPBELL
To the Rt. Hon. Viscount Halifax. KG., G.C.S.I., G.C.I.E., etc. etc.
10/04/40 to 20/08/40 (c) (e) (f) (g) (l) 8; (h) (d) 7; (i) 6; (j) (m) Yes. A fine leader and a most loyal and efficient Chief Staff Officer. Speaks French, good at games and physically fit. Rather highly strung. 2 Septmeber 1940 VICE ADMIRAL L.V. WELLS

Commanders Confidential Reports
Not held at this time.
Date Remarks Reporting Officer