Rear Admiral
Henry Evelyn Charles Blagrove

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Rear Admiral Henry Evelyn Charles Blagrove

Personal Details
Source: ADM 196/51 Service History unless otherwise shown:
1 - ADM 196/92 Captain's Confidential Report
Date of Birth 26/04/1887
Place of Birth Harblesdown
Name of father Col. Blagrove, C.B.
Barton Fields
Profession of father  
Wife's Name Edith ?Gordon? Lowe
Date of Marriage1 06/04/1921
Place of Marriage Not shown
Family1 2 daughters: 1921, 1929
Date of Death 14/10/1939
Place of Burial Lost with H.M.S. Royal Oak,
Scapa Flow,
Orkey Isles

Rank History
Date attained Rank attained
Source: Service record ADM 196/51 unless otherwise shown:
1 - ADM 196/92 Captain's Confidential Report
15/09/1901 Entered Service1
15/05/1902 Naval Cadet
15/10/1903 Midshipman
15/12/1906 Sub-Lieutenant
30/06/1909 Lieutenant
30/06/1917 Lieutenant-Commander
31/12/1919 Commander
30/06/1927 Captain
10/01/1939 Rear Admiral

Rewards & Distinctions
Source: ADM 196/51 Service History
Gained 3 months' time on passing out of Britannia
Italian silver medal for military valour (Gazette 17/11/17)
CW 465/38 Awarded GSP of ?£150? p.a. from 11th January 1938
First and Principal Naval Aid de Camp to H.M. 1/7/38 (CW 4178/38)
CW 9690/38 Apptd A.D.C. to H.M. The King 10th August 1938 vice Captain tait.

Source: ADM 196/51 Service History
15 Nov 1906 Passed Seamanship 836/1000 2nd Class
15 Jan 1907 Passed Part I (takes Part II)
24 April 1907 Passed Gunnery 1 Cl. 876/1000
7 June 1907 Passed Torpedo 1 Cl. 186/200
19 July 1907 Passed Part II A.3 B.3

Special Attainments or Qualifications
Source: ADM 196/51 Service History
None recorded

Service / Appointments History
Source: Service History ADM 196/51 unless otherwise stated

1 - ADM 196/92 Captain's Confidential Report
Ship Station Date of appointment Date of discharge Cause
Britannia Trg Ship 15 May 02 15 Sep 03 Passed out
Good Hope Cruiser Sq. 15 Sep 03 14 Jan 07 Course
Fairy tempy 25 July 07 - -
Good Hope 1st Cruiser 16 Apr 08 24 Aug 08  
Sapphire for ?Flirl? Chan 24 Aug 08 21 Sep 08  
Sapphire for Arab Chan 21 Sep 08 30 Mar 09  
Invincible (addl)   30 Mar 09    
Reapptd addl as Lieut   30 Jun 09    
Highflier (to be in lieu of Sub Lieut.) E. Indies 15 Jan 11 06 Apr 12  
Fox for armed launch   06 Apr 12 4/13  
Vengance ?Medn? 15 Jul 13    
???? for Dartmough Coll.   8/13 10 Aug 14  
?Leul? Carnarvon for ?Tech Mobn? 1914        
Vivid addl (to be employed in Majestic for Training Reserves until required elsewhere)   10 Aug 14 22 Aug 14 Tiger
Vivid addl for Tiger Home 22 Aug 14 ?24/11/17?  
Tiger on Comg Home 9/14    
Queen Elizabeth   24 Nov 17 1 Jan 20
8 Jan 201
President for Special Service outside Admty at Cambridge Univ   13 Mar 20 1 Jan 22
Dec 211
President addl for duty in 2nd Sea Lord's Office   1 Jan 22 Dec 221  
Lent "Excellent" for Gas Course   13 Jan 23    
Cardiff on recomg   20 Jan 23 20 Feb 24
10 Feb 241
Ceres in cd. as Act Capt.   10 Feb 24 Mar 241  
Cardiff1   Mar 241 Jan 251  
Victory for S.O.'s Tech Crs (Part II)   18 May 25 10 Jul 25
Jun 251
Victory addl for UT   30 Apr 25    
Vivid for RN Bks   11 Jul 25    
vice MacPherson   14 Jul 25 17 Jul 27
18 Jul 271
Pembroke addl for Constance in Cd. for period of trials   10 Nov 27    
Pembroke for Constance in comd for passage to Portsmouth on completion of trials   27 12/27
Victory addl for SOTC Pt. I (Tech Course)1   9 Jan 28 9 Mar 281  
President addl for SO War Co.   10 Mar 28 20 July 281  
Victory addl for SOTC Pt. 2 (Tech course)1   08 Oct 28 7 Dec 281  
Cardiff addl.   08 Jan 29 Apr 31
Mar 311
Cardiff in Cd. & as Flag Capt. & Chief Staff Officer to R/A AJ Davies CB on hoisting Flag.   Jan 29 Supd
Curacoa - do - on transfer1      
Victory & for Command of P & RT School vice Allen.   17 Aug 31 19 May 321  
Dublin in cmd in recomng & as Flag Capt & CSO to R/A The Hon. R Plunkett-Ernle-Erle-Drax on transfer of flag.   Cancelled    
Norfolk in Cd. on recomng       Supd ???
Victory for Tactical Cse   19 May 32 8 July 321  
Victory addl for SO Technical Course   8 Aug 1932 5 Sep 321  
President add duty in Admty   31 Dec 34    
Naval Asst to 2nd Sea Lord v Edward-Collins   7 Jan 35 11 Apr 371 DL 19/10
& as Falg Capt & CSO to R/A The Hon RAR Plunkett-Ernle-Erle-Drax   10/32   No appt issued ??? with Sec to Naval Sec ???????
Sussex in cmd v Bonham-Carter & in continuation on recomg DL 23/2   12 Apr 37   DL 10/11/38
Amended orders DL 24/2   Assumed cd 29/6/37 39
8 Jan 391
President addl whilst U/E for a period not exceeding 6 months1   28 Feb 391 10 Oct 391  
To be Ad Supt Chatham in succession to Ad CFS Danby   2 Oct 39   DL 8/8/39
To be R/A 2nd Battle Sqd in succession to R/A Holland on latter assuming cmd of 3rd BS ?26/9?   26 Sep 39
25 Aug 391
14 Oct 391  

Source: ADM 196/51 Service History
Date of Report General Conduct Ability Professional knowledge, specifying any particular branch Whether temperate habits Special knowledge or acquirements (Languages, Drawing, & c.) Remarks, mentioning any special defects or high qualifications as regards Zeal, Judgment, Physical Qualities, & c., and if specially recommended for advancement. Remarks
Nov 04 VGI VGI VGI Yes Most promising. Good Cd. of men. Capt Madden
July 05 VGI VG VG Yes Good progress Capt. Currey
1/07 VGI VG VG Yes Zealour & attentive, will make good officer Capt. Hope
9/09 VGI VGI VGI Yes Zeal & tact Lt. Mackworth
2/11 All VGI. Most loyal & conscioentious. Full of zeal & hardworking. VG athelete. Recd in due course Capt. Kerr
3/12 VGI, VG, VG, Yes. Thoroughly Gd offr. Zealous tactful reliable. V strong. Recd. Capt. Dick
7/12 VG VG VG Yes Zealous Capt. ?Tuncred?
11/12 VG VG VG Yes   Capt. LeFroy
4/13 All VGI, Yes, French. Most capable & hardworking. Strongly recd. CD. Hill
5/16 Satis Ab Aver Very tactful. Reliable officer. HC Pelly
Aug 17 Sats Arge (a) Active and enterprising - Kenn and zealous to a degree. Capt. Bentinck
7.4.19 Sat Excep (a) Most competent, hardworking and thorough officer Capt Chatfield
10.1.20 Sat ab av. Thoroughly efficient reliable & loyal. Very sorry to lose him. Capt. Best
1.21 Sat Av Gd. athelete. keen zealous, rther lacks personality. Capt. Fullerton
17/8/22 Sat Ex An excp'l officer. Has grapsed details of work v quickly. By ability & tact has been of greatest assistance. Capt. Davies
1.22 Sat Ab Av Hardworking zealous. Fitted for the highest ranks of the service. Capt. ?Alington?
12.22 Sat Ab av Most reliable & hardworking. Capt. Hallett
10/26 Sat Ab. av. Tactful & considerate. Sets fine example. Capt. Tomkinson

Special Reports or Service
Source: ADM 196/51 Service History
14/1/07 Whale Isd ( Sec II)
24 Sept. 07 Joined College for Part II. ?WK? recd Sept 07?
Admitted Portland Sosp 25.11.08 (displocation of elbow)
Fit 16.12.08
19/3/13 Tel. Returning in Highflier
May 13 Seven days extra fol/ for service in Persian Gulf.
3/9/15 Admitted Chatham Hospital (Ulcer) 6 weeks
22/9/15 Unfit Resurvey (MDG) 4/11/15
4/11/15 unfit resurvey (MDG) 4/12/15
4/12/15 Found fit & directed to rejoin H.M.S> Tiger by A4 6/12/15
19.8.18 Called at Admty & recived ??? pass to visit France 7 days returning to England 27/8/18
Recd for promotion JUNE 1919 Ad Beatty
L 4217/20 Granted permission to proceed to France 6th/4/20
L3280/20 Refused permission to proceed to France as he will be required for further appointment 12.2.20
Recd for promotion Adml Madden
NL 6354/23 Inspection of Cardiff v Satfy. Special credit due to him. Adml Chatfield 30/11/23
CW1916/24 Assumed Comd of Ceres vice Snagge (??? Med)
CW2089/25 On relief in "Cardiff" is making own arrangements for passage to England leaving in S.O. "Vienna" 20.2.25
1/25 Sat. Exceptl Leadership & influence ?cno? Good Capt. Binney
NL261/39 Grounding of HMS Sussex - damage to propellors - fault due to R/A Blagrove who was in command and informed by their Lordships.
CW 20530/39 Lost in H.M.S. "Royal Oak" 14/10/39

Captains Confidential Reports
Source: ADM 196/92 - Captains Confidential Reports
Date Remarks Reporting Officer
16/10/26 to 17/7/27 Above average. An exceptionally good officer which has caused me to recommend him strongly for promotion. Very good powers of leadership - exorts an excellent influence - is tasctful & easy to deal with. Cheerful, energetic & frank personality. Physically fit - plays & is interested in all games. He has been a Rugger player of a high order & understands the game. Socially popular & much liked in the mess. He has extraordinary energy & organising capacity, and a brain capacity above the average. Recommended for further employment in a more responsible position. V/A Bentinck. ISL (Admiral Madden) sayd This coincides with my own experience of Capt. Blagrove.concurs Commodore Round-Turner
12/7/29 Excellent inspection report on "Cardiff" by R/A Davies N.L. 2620/29  
1/29 to 2/31 (c), (d), (e), (h), (l i) - above average: (f), (g) exceptional. Combines a charming personality with a firm decision & great tact. These qualities have been of immense value in his duties as C.S.O. while his leadership & influence have brought his ship up to a high standard. An athelete, who always leads both socially & in all games. (k), (l ii) - Yes.
Adm Chatfield concurs generally adding: "A vg offr. but always seems to me a little lacking in forcefulness & self-confidence."
R/A Davies
8/31 to 5/32 (c), (f), (g), (h) - 6: (d), (e) - 5: (j) - Yes. Has maintained P & R.T. school in a very efficient state & has carried out other duties in the Port with zeal & ability. Admiral Waistell
25.10.32 to 20.11.34 (e), (l) 8; (d), (e), (f), (g), (h) 9; (c) 7; (j), (m) Yes. This officer has filled the arduous appointment of Chief of Staff and Captain of the "Norfolk" with conspicuous ability and invariable success. He is a "live wire" full of energy and possesses qualities of command and leadership in a marked degree. He is tactful and extremely loyal; successful and popular socially as also is his wife. Physical qualities and endurance excellent: he is a good rider, swims and plays all games. His past achievements as a boxer and rugby footballer are no doubt well known. Strongly recommended for advancement to the flag list and further employment at sea. V/A Sir. R.E.E. Drax
31.12.34 to 29.9.35 (c) (h) 7; (d) 8; (f) (g) 9; (j) Yes; (m) Yes, of his sea record is sufficiently good. Has carried out his duties in a most loyal and efficient manner. From my knowledge of him in an Admiralty appointment I should describe Captain Blagrove as a sound rather than brilliant officer. He is slightly deaf. Adml Pound 2 S.L.
31.12.34 to 11.4.37 (c), (d) and (h) 8; (e) I.K.; (f) and (g) 9; (i) I.K.; (m) Yes. An exceptionally able officer with an accurate memory. He is gifted with that valuable quality of being able to commit to papera ???? statement of an intricate question giving due weight to the pros and cons without exaggeration. he is scrupulously fair in his judgment and recommendations. He has plenty of character & a good power of decision. He has been of the greatest possible assistance to me as Naval Assistant. I have no knowledge of his seamanlike qualities but if they in any way resemble those with which I am acquainted I regard him as eminently suitable for Flag rankn for which I strongly recommend him. Admiral Sir Martin Dunbar-Smith
Special report 21.3.38 (c) to (g) 6; (h) 7; (i) and (l) 6; (j) and (m) Yes. A good Commanding Officer. ??? personality & somewhat diffident of his own powers which are considerable. Very good powers of leadership in a quiet way. Very loyal & possesses tact. Has not been as long on the Station as other Captains on whom official reports are being made. From my knowledge up to date his percentage assessment should be 84. Admiral Sir Dudley Pound
12.4.37 to 18.9.38 (c) 5; (d), (e), (f), (g), (i) and (l) 6; (h) 7; (j) and (m) Yes. Rather above the average as Captain of a ship. Of quiet personality. He has a very manner, is sincere and popular with all. Handles his ship well & has produced and efficient ??? unit. He has plenty of tact, is essentially loyal & is very fit physically. He is rather inclined to be diffident of his own powers but has acted as Senior Officer of the 2nd Division of the Squadron with success. While receommending him for promotion to Flag Officer I do not consider him as of sufficiently high standard for employment afloat. Vice-Admiral Kennedy-Purvis
I have a higher opinion of Captain Blagrove than expressed in the above report and I see no reason to ??? the percentage of 82 which I have previously given him. Neither do I consider that he should be disbarred from service afloat. Admiral Sir Dudley Pound.
12 April 1937 to 8 January 1939 (c), (d), (e), (g), (h), (i) and (l)I.K.; (f) 7; (j) and (m) Yes. During the very short time since September that Captain Blagrove has been in company with me (only three hours of which I have been at sea) I have formed the opinion that the efficiency, good spirit & high standard of cleanliness of his ship are due to his excellent qualities of leadership & tact & his good influence. He has a most pleasing, though not remarkably strong, personality & at times a somewhat nervous manner. His physical qualities and endurance are much above average for a man of his age. His social qualities & those of his wife fit him admirably for any appointment in which these qualities are of special importance. Rear-Admiral J.H.D. Cunningham
Since promoted to Admiral (sic) Admiral Sir Dudley Pound

Letter included with Confidential Report file

To be noted in the Record of
Rear-Admiral H.E.C. Blagrove.

Copy of Admiralty letter N.L. 261/39 dated 2nd March, 1939


I am commanded by My Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty to inform you that they have under consideration a communication from the Office of Commander-in-Chief, Mediterranean Station, forwarding a report of the Board of Enquiry concerning the damage to the propellers of H.M.S. SUSSEX, then under your command, at Malta on 14th December, 1938.

Their Lordships consider that you committed an error of judgment, in that, having realise that the ship was drifting in the opposite direction to that which you expected, you relied on the tugs towing you to the Northward clear of the shore instead of takng immediate action with your engines to remove your ship from a position in which, if she continued to drift, her stern would ground off Ras Hanzir.

Their Lordships are of the opinion that the ship should have been moved from the dangerous position in which she was stopped either by making a short stern board or by turning the ship to port so as to swing the stern away from Ras Hanzir.

Further Their Lordships consider that had the tugs been properly worked there was no reason why the SUSSEX should have been allowed to drift over No. 5A buoy.

I am, Sir,

Your obedient Servant,



Rear-Admiral H.E.C. Blagrove,
Hotel Vanderbilt,
76, Cromwell Road,
London, S.W.7.

(Signed) ?WJ? Whitworth
7th March, 1939.


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