Sir Frederic Edward Errington Brock
K.C.M.G., C.B.

Personal Details
Date of Birth15 January 1854
Place of Birth 
Father's Name 
Wife's Name 
Date of Marriage 
Place of Marriage 
Date Retired 
Date of Death 
Place of Burial 


Rank History
RankDate attainedSource
Naval Cadet25 August 1868Naval Recorder 1908
Sub-Lieutenant22 December 1874Naval Recorder 1908
Lieutenant08 December 1879Naval Recorder 1908
Commander01 January 1893Naval Recorder 1908
Captain30 June 1898Navy List Apr 1917
Rear-Admiral22 March 1908Navy List Apr 1917
Vice-Admiral15 May 1913Navy List Apr 1918
Admiral02 April 1917Navy List Apr 1918