Sir John Gregory Crace
K.B.E., C.B.

Personal Details
Date of Birth6 February 1887
Place of BirthNew South Wales
Father's NameJ.D. Crace Esq.
Wife's NameCarola Helen Baird
Date of Marriage13 April 1920
Place of MarriageSt. Mary's, Glasgow
Date Retired29 October 1942
Date of Death 
Place of Burial 


Rank History
RankDate attainedSource
Entered Service15 May 1902ADM 196-92 Captain's Confidential Report
Midshipman15 October 1903ADM 196/51 Service Record
Sub-Lieutenant15 December 1906ADM 196/51 Service Record
Lieutenant15 September 1908ADM 196/51 Service Record
Lieutenant-Commander15 September 1916ADM 196/51 Service Record
Commander31 December 1920ADM 196/51 Service Record
Captain30 June 1928Navy List Apr 1942
Rear-Admiral01 August 1939Navy List Apr 1942
Vice-Admiral29 October 1942ADM 196/51 Service Record
Admiral25 September 1945ADM 196/51 Service Record