Sir Richard Hayden Owen Lane-Poole
K.B.E., C.B.

Personal Details
Date of Birth01 April 1883
Place of BirthRichmond
Father's NameProfessor Stanley Lane-Poole, Author, Trinity College, Dublin
Wife's NameSignid Mabel Lane-Poole
Date of Marriage17 August 1921
Place of MarriageCirencester RO
Date Retired12 January 1939
Reverted to retired list 4 September 1949
Date of Death 
Place of Burial 


Rank History
RankDate attainedSource
Naval Cadet15 January 1898ADM 196/48
Midshipman15 May 1899ADM 196/48
Sub-Lieutenant15 June 1902ADM 196/48
Lieutenant15 September 1904ADM 196/48
Lieutenant-Commander15 September 1912ADM 196/48
Commander30 June 1916ADM 196/48
Captain30 June 1923Navy List Aug 1938
Rear-Admiral08 May 1935Navy List Aug 1938
Rear-Admiral11 January 1939ADM 196/48