Admiral of the Fleet
Sir philip louis vian
G.C.B., k.b.e., C.M.G.

Updated 18-Oct-2007

Admiral of the Fleet Sir Philip Vian

Personal Details
Event Date / details Source
Date of Birth 15 June 1894 1
Place of Birth    
Name of father Alsagh Vian Esq. 1
Profession of father Chairman, Managing Director of Limited Co. 1
Wife's Name Marjorie Haig 1
Children Two daughters 5
Date of Marriage 19 December 1929 1
Place of Marriage Withyham Ch. Withyham, Sussex 1
Date of Death 27 May 1968 5
Place of Burial    

Rank History
Rank Date attained Source
Naval Cadet 15/05/1907 1
Midshipman 15/01/1912 1
Acting Sub-Lieutenant 15/05/1914 1
Sub-Lieutenant 15/01/1915 1
Acting Lieutenant 15/09/1916 1
(Seniority adjusted on result of Specialists Cse (G)
Lieutenant-Commander 15/02/1924 1
Commander 30/06/1929
Captain 31/12/1934 1
Rear-Admiral 08/07/1941 1
Vice-Admiral 08/05/1945 1
Admiral 26/09/1948 1
Admiral of the Fleet (Retired) 01/06/1952 1

Honours and Knighthoods
Honour or Knighthood Date awarded Date Gazetted Source
Companion of the Distinguished Service Order (D.S.O.)
For the Altmark rescue
12 April 1940 9 April 1940 6
Bar to the Distinguished Service Order (D.S.O.) 3 December 1940 3 December 1940 6
Second Bar to the Distinguished Service Order (D.S.O.) 14 October 1941 10 October 1941 6
Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (K.B.E.) 31 March 1942 27 March 1942 6
Comapnion of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath (C.B.) 8 June 1944 2 June 1944 6
Knight Commander of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath (K.C.B.) 25 June 1944 21 June 1944 6
Awarded Legion of Merit, Degree of Chief Commander (U.S.A.) 17 July 1945 13 July 1945 6
American Distinguished Service Medal (U.S.A.) 13 August 1946 9 August 1946 6
Gazette 20/7/48 The St Olav Medal with Oakleaves (Norwegian) Not found Not found 1
Knight Grand Cross of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath (G.C.B.) 1 January 1952 28 December 1951 6

Rewards & Distinctions
Source: ADM 196/56 Service History
Gained 2 months' time on passing out
D.S.O. Gazette 12th april 1940 (CW 24982/40)
Mention in Despatches Gazette (Suppt.) 19/7/40
Bar to D.S.O. Suppt. of London Gazette 8/12/40
2nd Bar to D.S.O. Gazetted 14.10.41
K.B.E. Gazetted 31.3.42
Mention in Despatches Gazette 1.1.43
Mention in Despatches Gazette 21.12.43
C.B. Gazetted 8.6.44
K.C.B. Gazette 25.7.44
Mentioned in Despatches Gazette 1.5.45
Awarded Legion of Merit Degree of Chief Commander Gazette 17.7.45
D.S.M. (U.S.A.) Gazette 13.5.46
Gazette 20/7/48 The St Olav Medal with Oakleaves (Norwegian)
Gazette 28/12/51 New Years Honours G.C.B.

Source: ADM 196/56 Service History
Exam for Lieut.: Seamanship 1 Cl. 850 Marks 5/14
Exam for Lieut.: Navigation Prelim 498/700 5/14
Granted 1st Class certificate in Gunnery 1.10.19

Special Attainments or Qualifications
Source: ADM 196/56 Service History
19/4/19 Passed short (G) course
CW 1830/37 Passed preliminary examination in French 1/37

Despatches and other relevant documents
Dispatch by Admiral Sir Henry H. Harwood, K.C.B., O.B.E., Commander-in-Chief, Mediterranean on the Second Battle of Sirte 22 March 1942 Published as a Supplement to the London Gazette 16 September 1947
Despatch of Admiral Sir John C. Tovey, K.C.B., D.S.O., Commander-in-Chief. Home Fleet - The Sinking of the German Battleship Bismarck. Published as a Supplement to the London Gazette, 14 October 1947
Despatch by Admiral Sir Bertram H. Ramsay, Allied Naval Commander-in-Chief, Expeditionary Force - The Assault phase of the Normandy Landings - Operation Neptune. Published as a Supplement to the London Gazette 28 October 1947

Service / Appointments History
Ship Station Date of
Date of
Cause Source
Training Estabs   15/05/07 15/1/12 Passed Out 1
Lord Nelson Home Fleet 15/1/12 1.7.13   1
Lord Nelson   1.7.13 4.14   1
Agamemnon   4.14     1
Lent Lord Nelson (VAC 2&3)   14.9.14 29.10.14   1
Argonaut   29.10.14 13.9.15 PO 1
Blake for Morning Star   30.9.15 20.8.16   1
Blake for Ossory   26.9.16     1
Reapptd on promotion   15.9.16 22.12.17   1
Sandhurst addl for Sorcerer   22.12.17 5.8.18   1
Excellent to qualify for (G) Long Course   5.8.18 31.3.19   1
Pembroke for (G) duties Junior Staff   1.4.19 20.1.20   1
Lent to the R.A.N. for a period of 2 years and Apptd "Cerebus" addl for General Service   20.1.20 1.8.22 reverts to R.N. 1
Australia to ??????   10.21     1
Cerebus addl for pass to UK   24.1.22     1
Excellent (G) addl   1.8.22     1
Thunderer (G)   12.1.23 5.24   1
Excellent (G) addl tempy on relief cancelled         1
Thunderer (G) & for (G) duties in reserve Fleet on ?recomg? of ship of ?SORF? DW   5.24 14.7.24   1
Champion (G)   22.8.24 23.9.24   1
Castor (G) on recomg   23.9.24 7.10.24   1
Vivid (G) addl   7.10.24 5.25   1
Emperor of India (G) on recomg   5.25     1
Royal Sovereign (G) on recomg   22.2.27     1
Pembroke addl for Kent (G)   17.11.27     1
& Kent (G) on comg for service   25.6.28     3
    10.29 Supd 1
Pembroke for U.T.   18.1.30 28.2.30   1 / 3
President for duty inside Admiralty & for duty with D.T.S.D. vice Lane   8.3.30
28.6.32 Supd 1
(DTSD 8.3.30)
President for duty inside Admy with D.T.S.D. for period N/E 6 mths   28.6.32     1
Victory addl for Tacl Cse   2.1.33     1
Active addl & Active in Cd vice ???????   31.3.33 1.35
EDL 1/1 Supd 1
    27.1.35   2
Victory addl for SO Tech Crse   12.8.35     1
    6.10.35   2
Douglas addl   7.10.35     1
& Douglas in Cmd ????? & as Capt. D 19th Flotilla (DL ?9?/10)   14.10.35
Supd 1
  7.10.35 12.5.36   2
Keppel addl   28.5.36     1
    31.8.36   2
and Keppel in cd and as Captain (D) I v. Baillie ?Gidman? (DL 2.6)   36     1
President addl SOWC (DL 29/9)   12.10.36 19.2.37   1
Arethusa addl   26.3.37     1
& Arethusa in Cmd & as Flag Capt & C.S.O. to R/A 3rd C.S. v Tennant 23.12   20.4.37     2
Arethusa in Cd. in contin on recomg and as Flag Capt & CSO to R/A 3rd C.S. on transfer of flag DL 14/6         1
Arethusa in command on recomg in continuation DL 7/8   37     1
(Supd of command 3.8.37 while sick DL 14/8)         1
Arethusa in cmd & as Flag Capt & C.S.O. to R/A comdg 3rd C.S. on trans Flag DL 31/12   1/1/38 39
DL 12/6 Supd 1
    23.7.39   2
Mackay in Cmd & as Capt. (D) 11th Destry Flotilla (DL 28/8)   39
26.9.39 DL 22/9 1
    .8.39     2
23/9 Drake addl as Capt. (D) 11th Destroyer Flotilla   27.9.39     1
Eaglet addl as Capt. (D_ 11th Destroyer Flotilla (DL 27/11)
(amended CW ???? 23.9)
  26.9.39 13.12.39 DL 12/12 Supd 1
Alfridi in Cmd & as Capt. (D) 4th Des Flo v Cresswell (DL 20/12)   1.1.40
    6.1.40 17.1.40   2
Cossack i/c as Capt (D) 4 D.F.   18.1.40 23.8.40   2
Alfridi i/c & as Capt (D) A.D.F. in contn   29.3.40     2
Cossack i/c & as Capt (D) A.D.F. in contn   5.5.40     2
Cossack addl as Capt. D 4 D.F.   5.5.40 1.7.41   2
& Cossack i/c & as Capt D. 4 d.f. in contn   21.5.40     2
President addl & for special service outside Admty.   12.7.41 24.7.41   2
F.O.C. Force A   25.7.41 9.41   2
R.A.C. 15 C.S.   15.10.41 12.9.42   2
Placed on Victory IV for ???? for Confd in Victory IV for ????   7.10.42
Confd Victory IV ????   3.12.42 30.12.42   2
Confd Victory IV ??   3.12.42 18.1.43   2
President addl whilst unemployed   19.1.43     2
Civtory addl as COS (X) to CinC Portsmouth   24.4.43     2
Flag Officer Western Italy (F.O.W.It.)   20.9.43 29.9.43
Excellent II addl for duty outside Admty with D.N.C.X.F. & as R.A. Roce "V" vice R/A Mack   30.4.43     2
ODYSSEY addl as Naval Force Cdr Force "J" & in succn to Cdre J Highes-Hallett   11.11.43     2
ODYSSEY addl as Naval Commander Eastern Task Force   22.1.44     2

Source: ADM 196/56 - Service History
Date of Report General Conduct Ability Professional knowledge, specifying any particular branch Whether temperate habits Special knowledge or acquirements (Languages, Drawing, & c.) Remarks, mentioning any special defects or high qualifications as regards Zeal, Judgment, Physical Qualities, & c., and if specially recommended for advancement. Remarks
12.12 VG VG G Yes   Not keen - g cd.?????? Capt. Smith
6.13 G VG VG Yes   Capable & lazy but wants driving. Casual & inaccurate in work. Capt. Smith
4.14 Satis Av       Steady & reliable. Slow & does not exert himself. Capt. Nugent
15.4.19 Say Av       Hardworking & steady good at games Capt. Sax
21.9.20 Sat. av. (a) Not lay in ship but evidently efficient offr. Refined. Gd mental qualities. Spare but active. Supercilious. Fairly tactful. Good administrator. Entirely to my satis. Capt. Cumberley
27.4.20 Saty Aver @ smart zealous cap thorough & rel Cdr Simpson
12/20 Sat Abav @ active painstaking plenty of initiative Capt Miller
1.23 Sat abav Keen, smart & excellent instructing offr. Capt. Davies
8.24 Sat. Ex. @ Ex organiser, gd influence, physically fit charming personality. Gd. leader. Capt. Leggett
11.5.25 Sat. exceptl. (b) ex leader influence determined character energetic smart gd. organiser & admin promising Capt. Sells
8/27 Sat. excepl. (b) first rate leader tactful determined Capt. James

Special Reports or Service
Source: ADM 196/56 Service History
20/1/14 sick on shore
Granted WK cert 12/9/15
17.3.17 Admtd Garth Castle Tonsilitis
21.3.17 Found fit
Name placed on list to qualify for (G) duties
CW Letter of 7.6.18
26.?.18 request that his name may not be included in list for G course commencing in Aug 1918 or immediately following
5.10.18 Cdre (F) Grand Fleet Flotillas 888/90? qualified in gunnery control 26.7.18
16.10.19 informed name noted for service with British Military Mission in S Russia
9.12.19 Application to transfer to R.A.N. for 2 years noted HC of A informed
Appln from Military Secretary to Governor General for this officer to be loaned for service on staff of Governor General Australia refused.
Revert to RN 1.8.22 CW 8203/22
Training 4476 appln WS course noted 5.5.24
Took passage in "Sepoy" from Gib to join Royal Sovereign at Malta
CW 2952/31 - Admitted Chatham Hospl 24/3/31 Old injury - Fracture Rt Fibula discharged 27/3/31
CW 3113/31 Found fit 27/3/31
NL2240/33 Accident to Active while proceeding alongside Sandhurst - Accident due to Cdr Vian's faulty handling of Active & warned to be more careful in future
T. 3365/33 some degree of blame attributable in connexion with loss of torpedo from "Anthony"
CW 11279/30 Candidate for preliminary exam for Interpreter in French 19/1/37
CW 2166/37 Report of Senior Officers War Course 2/37
CW 9331/37 Admitted R.N.H. Chatham 31/8/37 Seq Tonsillitis, abscess of Neck - 14 days ?Botable? sick leave - one month
CW 9770/37 Discharged 13/9/37 fit for duty
Mentioned in Despatches - operations off coast of Norway. Gazette 19/7/40 M020606/40
Awarded D.S.O. for gallantry and resource in successful action against the enemy
NL 9306/40 Board of Enquiry Collision H.M.S. Imogen & Glasgow 17.6.40 (former vessel lost). Expression of T.Ls severe displeasure conveyed
Sig. CinC H.F. 1658B/ 25/7/41 Flag Hoisted in NIGERIA 1730B 25/7 FOC Force A
FO Force A 1331/ 14/9/41 Flag Struck as FO Force A Sunset 14/9/41
Gazette 14/10 Award second bar to D.S.O. for mastery, determination and skill in action against the German Battleship Bismarck
Hoisted Flag in NAIAD 2/11 as RAC 15CS M 015248/41 SSBA 1075/3/11/41
Gazette 31.3.42 awarded K.B.E. for daring and resolution in a brilliant action against strong enemy forces which resulted in the safe passage to Malta of an important convoy.
To command Force A based on Port Said CinC Medn 1432/14/8/42
CW37825/42 Adm RNH Haslar 7310342 Malaria up to 28.10.42
CW 39987/42 Discharged 21/10/42 to 28 days sick leave to 19/11/42
FPSL CW 43835/42 Recd for further 14 days sick leave 17/11/42 resurvey 3/12/42
CW 45955/42 recd for further 28 days sick leave 2/12/42 resurvey 31/12/42
Resurvey postponed to 5/1/43 when officer shoud be fit for full duty
CW 1125/43 Surveyed 5.1.43 & recom further 12 days S.L. & return to duty without resurvey 19.1.43
Gazette 1.1.43 Mentioned in Despatches for outstanding zeal, patience & cheerfulness and for setting and example of wholehearted devotion to duty without which the high tradition of the Royal Navy could not ahve been upheld
Flag of Rear Admiral Vian hoisted in Glengyle 1600 17/5/43
Flag of Sir Philip L Vian as RA(V) hoisted HMS Euryalus at 1400 27.8.43 (271044/???)
Gazette 12.12.43 Mentioned in Despatches for gallant and distinguished services and untiring devotion to duty in the ???? which led to the capture of Sicily by Allied Forces
H&A339/44 Gazette 8.6.44 Awarded C.B. (Birthday)
CW40483/44 Adm RNH Barrow ?Gurney? 23.7.44 (Chronic Tonsilitis) up to 6.8.44
CW 42423/77 dis 2.8.11 to 14 days sick leave and resurvey 16.8.44
CW 46077/44 surveyed 16.8.44 and found fit for general service
Gazette 25.7.44 awarded K.C.B. for distinguished services in the planning and execution of the successful Allied landings in Normandy
CW53057/44 Adm St Mary's hosp W.2. 11.9.44 (cyst eye) Dis 12.9.44
Gazette 1.5.45 Mentioned in Despatches for bravery, skill an devotion to duty whilst serving in H.M.S. ships Victorious, Illustrious, Indefatigable, Indomitable and King George V in attacks on enemy oil installations at ?Palatta? Sumatra
Awarded Legion of Merit Degree of ??? Commander for Gallant and distinguished service whilst in comand of ???? operations on Normandy (Gazette 17.7.45)
Gazette 13.8.46 Awarded D.S.M. bestowed by the President of the United States (with authorised permission to wear) for distinguished services to the Allied cause during the war.
Gazette 20.7.48 Granted unrestricted permission for the waering of "The St Olav Medal with Oakleaves" bestowed by the King of Norway for distinguished services rendered to Norway during the war.
Promoted to Admiral to date 26th Sept. 1948 (CW 15706/48)
OinC 67/CW dated 23/5/52 - Promted to Admiral of the Fleet 1.6.52 (CW 7257/52) Supernumerary to the present Establishment approved by tH.M. the Queen as a special case for distinguished & outstanding services during the last war.

Captain's Confidential Reports
Source: ADM 196/92 -Captain's Confidential Report
Remarks Reporting Officer
31.3.35 - 27.1.35 (c) (d) (g) 6; (e) (h) (i) 7; (f) 8; (l) 5; (j) (m) Yes; A most efficient divisional leader who by his leadership has induced a very high standard in his division. Exceptionally quick and intelligent with great charm and a strong personality. Promoted to Captain during this period of service. Captain J.W> Dorling
31.3.35 - 27.1.35 I concur. R/A Cunningham
7.10.35 - 8.4.36 (e) (f) (g) 9; (l) 8; (d) (h) (i) 7; (c) 6; (i) Yes (m) too early to judge. I have not seen very much of this Officer as a Captain (D) but from previous experience I know him to be an excellent Officer. Loyalty, tact and reliability are outstanding. A very strong personality and a keen sense of humour. Under his command the Nineteenth Flotilla has made great strides to efficiency. Socially all that could be desired. Physically very fit. R/A Cunningham
Adml Sir Dudley Pound
17 June - 23 July 1936 (c) to (l) I.K. This officer has not been in company with my Flag since taking up his appointment & I have no previous knowledge of him. Rear Admiral J.F. Somerville
17 June - 23 July 1936 I have had insufficient dealings with this Officer to make a report on him. Admiral Sir Dudley Pound
12 October 1936 - 19 February 1937 War Course Report. General capacity - Above everage; Power of Expression vocal - above average; In writing - above average; Ability in supporting opinions in debate - average; Application displayed - average; Remarks: Captain Vian is the type of Officer who gets most benefit from this Course. he has the will and capacity to learn. Vice Admiral Sir Ragnar Colvin
26th March 1937 - 4 May 1939 (c), (d), (e), (i) and (l) 7; (f), (g) and (h) 8; (j) and (m) yes. A good organiser and a loyal and most able Chief Staff Officer. Rather highly strung and never spares himself. Most efficient - somewhat intolerant of his subordinates who do not attain his own high standard. Rather abrupt in manner. More of a driver that a leader. Handles his ship with dash and good judgment and is quick to appreciate a situation on the bridge. A good athlete. Always well dressed. Rear-Admiral L.V. Wells
26th March 1937 - 4 May 1939 I concur. Admiral Sir Dudley Pound
4.5.39 - 23.7.39 (c), (f), (h), (i) and (l) 7; (d) 5; (e) and (g) 6; (j) and (m) Yes. I have known Captain Vian for less than three months. My impression formed in this period are:- A keen and able officer possessing good fighting qualities. As a staff officer he is quick, clear and concise. His impulsive nature makes him occasionally jump to doubtful conclusions and for this reason I would assess his judgment below his otherwise high standard. Active, plays polo and games well. Socially charming, R/A H.R. Moore
4.5.39 - 23.7.39 Having known this officer for over 5 years I am of the opinion that he is somewhat under-assessed in Section IV but I agree with the remarks of Rear Admiral Commanding 3rd Cruiser Squadron. Admiral A.B. Cunningham
28th September 1939 to 14th December 1939 (a) Satisfactory; (b) (l) Yes; (c) (f) (h) (k) 5; (d) (e) (g) 6; (o) in ordinary course; A very hard working officer who took great interest in the comfort and welfare of the ship's companies. Inclined I think to give them the impression they were being harder worked than they were. Appears to be somewhat nervy. L.G.E. CRABBE, Vice Admiral. Flag Officer in Charge Liverpool
28th September 1939 to 14th December 1939 Over-keenness rather than nervy describes this officer who disliked very much having to give up his sea appointment for one on shore. I think he deserves higher marking. DUNBAR NAISMITH
March 1940 D.S.O.  
1st January 1940 to 27th February 1941 (c) (f) (g) (h) (i) 8; (d) (e) (l) 7; (j) Yes; (m) Yes but not yet.
An officer possessing unusual qualities of leadership, determination, readiness to accept responsibility, physical courage and endurance. These qualities were all shown to advantage in his handling of the ALTMARK affair and later when H.M.S. ALFRIDI sank under him as the result of an enemy bomb, and again in his successful attack on a convoy off the coast of Norway on 13/14 October 1940. Captain Vian is ambitious and has a very high opinion of himself, somewhat intolerant and prone to rather sudden likes and dislikes, through no fault of his own he is lacking experience of handling flotillas and this was shown on 16th July 1940 when in company with Rear-Admiral Commanding, 18th Cruiser Squadron, his handling of two divisions of destroyers led to the collision and subsequent loss of H.M.S. IMOGEN. It is for this reason that while I can say unhestatingly Yes under Section VI(m) I qualify by adding "but not yet" for the sea experience he will gain as senior Captain (D) of Home Fleet Destroyers will be invaluable to him in the future. (Sgd.) Rear-Admiral HALLIFAX.

COSSACK has been away refitting for two months, I am not therefore in a position to give a personal opinion. (Sgd.) ADMIRAL TOVEY. 28th February 1941.
Rear-Admiral HALLIFAX.
13 July 1940 Mention in Despatches.  
13th October 1940 To be noted in the record of Captain P.L. Vian, D.S.O., Royal Navy

Extract from Admiralty letter N.L. 9306/40 of 25.9.40, addressed to the Commander-in-Chief, Home Fleet


I am commanded by my Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty to inform you that they have under consideration your letter of 6th August No. 1300/H.F. 490 forwarding the report of the Board of Inquiry held to investigate the collision between H.M.S. GLASGOW and H.M.S. IMOGEN resulting in the loss of the latter vessel.


3. Their Lordships also concur in paragraphs 6 and 7 of your letter. Captain P.L. Vian, D.S.O., R.N., Captain (D), 4th Destroyer Flotilla, showed a serious lack of good judgment as Senior Officer of the destroyers present in not forming them in single line in close order on the cruisers when they were ordered to take station astern and when it was evident that the force might re-enter fog at any time. This serious error directly contributed to the collision. I am to request that Captain Vian may be so informed and tht you will convey to him and expression of Their Lordships' severe displeasure."


(Signed) F.N. Seyfret
13th October, 1940

Officer's record.
November 1940 Bar to D.S.O. (H.M.S. Cossack)  
25th September 1941 Rear-admiral Sir P.L. VIAN, D.S.O.,
(A.L. M.014728/41 of 22.9.41)

Their Lordships had the pleasure of conveying to Rear-Admiral Vian an expression of the appreciation of the Chiefs of Staff for the way in which the Spitzbergen operation was carried out.

(Signed) A.M. Peters
25th September 1941

Rear-admiral Sir Philip Louis VIAN, D.S.O.,

Seniority - 8th July, 1941

General opinion of officer:-

This Officer ahs fully come up to the expectations I formed many years ago when he was Captain of a destroyer.

He is a fine determined Officer with an alert brain and great sea experience. I am sure we shall hear more of him in this war.

(Sgd) Admiral A.B. Cunningham.

C. in C.
Admiral A.B. Cunningham
14/10/41 Awarded second Bar to D.S.O. (action against Battleship Bismarck) LG 14/10/41  
27/3/42 Awarded K.B.E. London Gazette of 27/3/42  
21.12.43 Rear-Admiral Sir Philip


For gallant and distinguished services and untiring devotion to duty in operations which led to the capture of Sicily by Allied forces.


Rear-admiral Sir Philip Louis VIAN, K.B.E.,

Seniority - 8th July, 1941

Appointment - Rear-Admiral Commanding, Fifteenth Cruiser Squadron


General opinion of officer:-

A grand sea officer in whom I have the greatest confidence, who has already shown us great deads and I feel sure he will show more. After all his experience and excitements in the war, I feel he should have a period of leave to prevent his getting tired, of which there are certainly signs. This was also the view my predecessors turned over to me.

2. In every way suitable for further employment afloat.

3. I class him in the category 100 - 91.

(Sgd) Admiral Harwood
Admiral Harwood
3.2.44 Sir P.L. VIAN. 8.11.43 - 21.1.44 (k) Yes. Rear Admiral Vian came to Force "J" with his fine reputation as a successful fighting leader and has been a great inspiration to the Force. But I have been also much impressed by his very correct attitude, his broad understanding of difficulties and desire to be helpful in any way. Admiral Vian has the capacity to deal with high administration problems as well as affairs at sea. Admiral Little

Commander's Confidential Reports
Source: ADM 196/128 - Commander's Confidential Reports
Remarks Reporting Officer
25.3.31 ?Chas Trac & fib? 1 wk  
27.3.31 ?Fit (tele)?  

Lieutenant's Confidential Reports
Source: ADM 196/145 - Lieutenant's Confidential Reports
Remarks Reporting Officer
14.9.14 Lent tempy Lord Nelson. Returned Agamemnon Sept. 1914.  
Jan 15 Appn for S/Ms noted but too junior.  
7/10/16 In all respects fit for rank of Lieut Cdr Fletcher
5.6.18 Applies for (G) duties (Long Course)  
15 Ap 19 (S. 206.) Sat av. Keen, hardworking & steady. Good at games Capt. Bax
9.10.19 Wishes to volunteer for Brit. Military Mission to S. Russia in accordance with AWO 3289/19  
28/2/19 Recomd to be granted 1st Class Cert on completion of 6 months experience in G duties. Capt. Bax
-12.1919 Applicn for permission to transfer to RAN on loadn for ? years. Approved. CW 39459 19  
21.9.20 S.206 Sat av. Has not been more than a few months in the ship but is evidently an efficient officer. Carrying out duties of Lieut. (G). ??? character; good mental qualities,; Physically spare but active; Supercilious; Evergy - professionally good; Tact fair. Good administrative qualities; Average seamanlike qualities. Capt. Cumberlege
  He seems to me very keen on his duties & on the Service Cdre Dumaresq
27.4.20 S 206 Sat. Av. Smart zealous & capable & thoroughly reliable. Cdr. ?Simpson?
31.12.20 Sat abav Character VG. Mentally active & retentive. Well developed is keen about & plays all games. Even temperament. takes great pains with his instruction of men in gunnery matters but appears at time to be lacking in ?????? but this would probably not be the case if serving in a commissioned ship or one attached to a squadron where the element of competition would come in & the ships company not being subject to such frequent changes as are continually taking place here. Tact VG. Administrative qualities shows good promise with more experience in a sea going ship. Technical qualities VG. Capt Miller
26.11.21 Govr Genl Melbourne enquires whether Admy would agree to secondling Lt Vian on 1/2 pay for 1 year from Feb next for service on his staff 14.12.21 Services cannot be spared. CW 18544/21  
30.6.22 Reverts to RN 2.8.22  
23.1.23 S 206. Sat Abav Keen smart & excellent instructing offr. Plays all games & hunts. Handles offrs & men with great ability. Capt. Davies
25.4.24 Appn for W/S Cse (1924-25) Recd. Capt Leggett
21.8.24 S206. (a) (b) All Ex. (f) (g) Excellent (j) very successful instructing Officer excellent organiser, good influence, fit, keen on games, charming personality, good leader, Shd make and excellent Exec. Offr. Recd. specially Capt. Leggett
11.5.25 S206A. (a) On staff. All ex (e) entirely saty. (f) good tact (g) sound jedgment (m) excellent leadership & influence, determined character quick, intelligent, fit, energetic, smart appearance & bearing. VG social quals. Good organiser & administrator. Very promising in every way. Kenn on hunting. (n) 2 Recd specially. Capt. Sells
  Concur Ad Phillimore
8.9.25 Inspn of "Emp. of Ondia" (G) efficiency reflects credit. V/A Hodges
28.10.25 (c) (d) (e) (g) Ab. av. (f) (h) av (i) VG leadership strict with men, reserved manner, particular about his own appearance good physique keeps fit good social quals & fond of society. Has interests outside service but keen on his work & thoroughly capable (h) Recd in ordny cse Capt. Loder Symonds
31/12/26 S206 (c) (d) (g) abv ave (i) zealous & capable hardworking has good technical knowledge. good organiser & leader good influence tactful very pleasant personality & liked. Physically fit, energetic, active & plays games hunts & plays polo. Socially vg & an excellent mate. A good administrative offr writes vg narratives concerning exercises, thoroughly good offr. all round & shld do well (k) recd ord cse Capt. R?????
25.8.27 S206 (cegd) excep (fh) abv ave (i) A very fine Offr, first rate leader & determined, tactful, marked personality physically & socially the best. (k) recd specially Capt. James
24.6.28 S206 I have had no opportunity of judging this offr qualfns. He hasgiven every assistance to the Dockyard offrs Capt. AM Betty
21.1.29 Wants Staff Cse recd
Thoroughly recommended.
Capt G Wolfe Murray
V/A Sir R Tyrwhitt

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