Admiral of the Fleet
Sir Alfred Dudley Pickman Rogers Pound
G.C.B., G.C.V.O.

Admiral of the Fleet Sir Alfred Dudley Pickman Rogers Pound G.C.B., G.C.V.O.

Updated 18-Oct-2007

Personal Details
Event Date / details Source
Date of Birth 29 August 1877 1
Place of Birth Wroxhall, Newchurch 1
Name of father A.D. Pound, Marlborough Lodge, Newton Abbot 1
Profession of father   1
Wife's Name Bessia CG Whitehead 1
Date of Marriage 14 October 1908 1
Place of Marriage    
Date of Death 21 October 1943 1
Place of Burial    

Rank History
Rank Date attained Source
Naval cadet 15/01/1891 1
Midshipman 15/01/1893 1
Sub-Lieutenant 29/08/1896 1
Lieutenant 29/08/1898 1
Commander 30/06/1909 1
Captain 31/12/1914 1
Rear-Admiral 01/03/1926 1
Vice-Admiral 15/05/1930 1
Admiral 16/01/1935 1
Admiral of the Fleet 31/07/1939 1

Honours and Knighthoods
Honour or Knighthood Date awarded Date Gazetted Source
Companion of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath (C.B.) 3 June 1919 30 May 1919 (31379) 4
Legion of Honour 12 December 1919 Not found 1
American DSM 12 December 1919 Not found 1
Rising Sun 3rd Class 8 March 1920 Not found 1
A.D.C. 1 January 1925 Not found 1
Knight Commander of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath (K.C.B.) 3 June 1933 2 June 1933 (33946) 4
Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order (G.C.V.O.) 23 July 1937 23 July 1937  
Knight Grand Cross of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath (G.C.B.) 2 January 1939 30 December 1938 (34585) 4
Order of Merit 3 September 1943   4

Rewards & Distinctions
Source: ADM 196/44 - Service History
Gained 12 months time on passing out of Britannia
Awarded CB(M) Gazette 3/6/19
Legion of Honour (offr) Gaz 12/12/19
American D.S.M. Gaz 12/12/19
Rising Sun (3rd Cl.) Gaz 8/3/20
CW 7707/21 Awarded GSP 3 Aug 1924 Relinquished 1/3/26
CW 436/25 Appts A.D.C. 1.1.25 Ceased 1/3/26
K.C.B. Gaz 3.6.33
GCVO Gazette 23.7/37
G.C.B. (Mil) New Year Honours Jan 39 Gazette 2.1.39

Source: ADM 196/44 - Service History
Passed in Seamanship 1st Cl. Cert. 966 marks
Passed College Part I Novr '96 2nd Cl. Cert. 891 marks
Passed College Part II Feby '97 1st Cl. Cert. 1594 marks
Passed Pilotage April '97 2nd Cl. Cert. 848 marks
Passed Gunnery Aug '97 2nd Cl. Cert. 478 marks
Passed Torpedo Sepr '97 1st Cl. Cert. 183 marks

Special Attainments or Qualifications
Source: ADM 196/44 - Service History
June 01 Gained 1st Cl. Cert. as T Lieut
Requalified in T. 20 Jan 05
Dec 1911 Bronze medal & cert Royal Humane Society
1 Jan 14 Apptd War Staff withouth qualifying course

Service / Appointments History
Ship Station Date of
Date of
Cause Source
Britannia Teg Ship 15 Jany 91 Dec 92   1
Royal Sovereign addl Ch Sq 5 Jan 93 28 March 94 ??? 1
Undaunted China 17 April 94 27 May 95 ?Coming home? 1
Calypso ?? Squad 5 Oct 95 29 Augt 97 ?Seamanship? 1
Vivid alld for T Boat Manres 15 June 97 9 July 97 OO 1
58 in Command ????         1
Vivid for ????? Devport 11 Oct 97 17 Jan 98   1
Magnificent Chan Sq 17 Jan 98 29 Aus Promd 1
Magnificent Chan Sq 29 Aug 98 1 Oct 98   1
Magnificent Chan Sq 1 Oct 98 8 May 99 To qual for T 1
As Falg Lieutenant         1
Magnificent as Flag Lt.
to R Adml Fanshawe
Chan Sq 1 June 99 15 Sep 99 Supd 1
Vernon addnl to qual in Torpedo Portsth 30 Sept. 99 9 July 01   1
Blake (lent) ?????? 10 July 00 9 July 00   1
Vernon for Staff T duties   9 July 01 14 Jan 02 Grafton 1
Grafton - T duties Pacific 14 Jan 02     1
?Firequean? for K Edq Vii PO 3.3.05 5.3.07   1
Lieut Vernon for W/T course   4.1.05     1
Queen (1sy & T)   5.3.07 14.12.08 PO 1
President for N.O.D. Admy 6.1.09     1
President to Asst to D.N.O.   1.2.09     1
Reappt on prom   30.6.09 18.5.11 Supd 1
Superb Home 30.5.11 6.1.13   1
Victory for War College   6.1.13 21.4.14   1
St Vincent HF 21.4.14 17.1.15   1
Naval Asst to 1st Sea Lord   20.3.15 24.10.15   1
Colossus asFlag Capt   24.10.15 6.7.17   1
President addl for W/S duties at Admiralty   6.7.17 7-17   1
Addl Asst to D.O.D. Adlty War Staff   7-17 10.17   1
Assistant Director of Plans   10.17 18/1/18   1
D.O.D. (H)   18/1/18 15.7.19 Supd 1
Hood addl for specia; service on staff of R.A.C. B.C.S. tempy   20.5.20


Victory addl for Repulse
& Repulse in Comd on comg
  18.10.20 18.4.22 Supd 1
President addl for duty inside Admy   19/4/22     1
& as Director of Plans ??? of Naval Staff   3/5/22 9.3.25 Supd 1
Victory for S.O. Tactical Cse   9.3.25 1.5.25   1
Queen Elizabeth addl.   2.5.25     1
Queen Elizabeth addl. as C.O.S. to Act Adml. Sir Roger Keyes Bt. K.C.B., K.C.V.O., C.M.G., D.S.O. with rank of Comdre 2nd class on joining   .5.25     1
Reappointed on promotion tempy   1.3.26 ?8? 27   1
President addl for duty inside Admiralty   20.3.27     1
& to be a Lord Comm of Admy & Asst Chief of Naval Staff   21.4.27 22.4.29 Supd 1
RAC BCS   21.5.29 24/4/31 Supd 1
VA & reappointed on promotion   15.5.30     1
President addl for Special duty inside Admiralty in connection with the Disarmament Conference not exceeding 6 months (CW 9133/31)
CW 6931/32 Appt extended ?Temporary? approved
  1.12.31 6/7/32   1
British Naval Representative on Permanent Advisory Commission of League of Nations (OA 10/32)   1.2.32     1
President addl for special duty inside Admtalty (M.0134/32)   7.7.32 20.7.32   1
President addl for duty a the Adlt   3.8.32     1
A Lord Commissioner of the Admy & Chief of Naval Personnel Vice Fuller CW 1827/32   31/8/32 30.9/35 WL 1.4.35 1
Apptd Resolution tempy addll. (and Queen Eliz. on transfer of Flag ) and as C.O.S. to C in C Med. Vice Raikes from date of assuming duty   30.9.35   CW 8297/35 (not on D.L.) 1
To be C in C Med in succession to Adl Sir WW Fisher K.C.B., C.V.O. To assume Cmd at Malta about 30/10/35 (M 5911/34 & CW 2826/35)   30.9.35
appt. deferred tempy
CW 8297.35
WL 1.4.35
amended orders DL 6.3.36 (CW 2178/36 M 844/36)
L.C. of Admiralty & Chief of Naval Staff   12.6.39     1
To be First and Principal Aide de Camp to His Majesty the King in succession to Adml the Hon Sir Reg. AR Plunkett-Ernle-Erle-Drax KCB.   1.10.41     1

Source: ADM 196/44
Date of Report General Conduct Ability Professional knowledge, specifying any particular branch Whether temperate habits Special knowledge or acquirements (Languages, Drawing, & c.) Remarks, mentioning any special defects or high qualifications as regards Zeal, Judgment, Physical Qualities, & c., and if specially recommended for advancement. Remarks
Jan '94 VGI VGI VG Yes   Attentive, Zealous, very intelligent Capt. Hammill
May 95 VGI VGI VG Yes   Very steady, promising officer. Capt. Halifax
Dec 03 VGI VGI VGI Yes     Capt. Keppel
Nov 04 VGI VG VG Yes   Keen. Strongly recd. Com Goodrich
Mch 07 VGI VGI VGI Yes   Zeal & Judgt. Strongly recd Cap Leveson
Nov 08 VGI VGI VG (T) Yes   Zeal. Excellt Offr. Strongly recd. Cap Troubridge
5.11 All VGI. Yes. High qualifications. Carrying out work with marked interest & ability D.N.O. Moore
9.11 All VGI. Yes. High qualifications in all branches. Idea of discipline & leading men. VG phys. Strongly recd early adt. Capt. Heath
1.13 All VGI. Yes. Strongly recd for early promotion. VG organiser. Gauch
4.14 Satis. Exceptional. Specially recd. Hdwkg & vy thorough. Good organiser and has excellent manner. Well fitted for comd. Capt. le Messurier. Concur V Ad, Bethell.

Special Reports or Service
Source: ADM 196/44 - Service History
28 March 94 Ordered ?home? for appointment to Undaunted (?Telegraphed?) Arrived home 7 April 94
27 May 95 Ordered passage Home in Leander by C in C China for appointment to Training Squadron
Coming home by ?P&O? leaving Hong Kong 15 Augt 95
19 Sept 95 Arrived home in SS Himalaya
14 Nov 98 Noted on list of candidates to Qual for T Lieut
31 May 99 has conducted himself with greatest zeal & ability ?RA Blackberry?
14 Sep 99: A very capable Officer: most useful to me especially during the Manoeuvres RA Fanshawe
G4864/04 Thanked for trouble taken in inventing system of deflection sights
May 04 Satisfy Performed 10 days N course in Grafton
Requalified in T 20 Jan 05
G 5575/4/06 Contributed to good prize firing results in K. Edward VII
Recommended by Adml ?Drury? (Addl) Nov 07
G 16647 (7-2.08) Especially contributed to good Battle Practice firing of Queen
Recommended by Adml Drury (addl) May 08
H.L. 7762/12/12 Insp.of Superb Reflects great credit
Recd, by RAdl Madden May 1913
G. 4296/13 Specially contributed to good Battle Practice of Superb 1912
Recd by RAdl Madden
Recd by RAdl Bayly Oct 1914
Appointed on Committee to enquire into the mining D service 16/1/15 G 0190
Battle of Jutland 31.5.16
Appd to director of plans
CE 2588 Appt D.O.D. (H) at Salary of £1200 p.a.
CW 45469/19
Aommended Gazette 15/9/1? at salary of £?800? per annum ?????
Awarded CB (M) for services as DOD(H) Gaz 3/6/19
Invested CB at Buckingham Palace 10/7/19
CW Legion of Honour (Offcer) in Gaz 12.12.19
CW 36592/19 Awarded American DSM in Gaz 12.12.19
CW 3785/20 Japanese Order of the Rising Sun (3rd Class) Gaz 8.3.20
7.12.20 Leave appd (Tel 122)
T.L. special expression of satisfaction conveyed to this officer for preparation of Chapters on Coaling re for revised Seamanship Manual Vol 1, N 1904/21
M. 0134/32 To be British Naval Representative on the Permanent Advisory Commt of the League of Nations 1.2.32 in succession to V.A. FC Dreyer (DCNS) who has been acting in this capacity since this appt was relinquished 24/4/31 by Adm Sir DM Anderson
MDG 5607/34 Removed to Cambridge Hse Nursing Home 4 Dorset Sq NW 5/7/34 for removal of foreign body from lung
MDG 8418/34 report sick at residence with tonsillitis 20.9.35 ?Probate duration lodged?
MDG 8418/?? returned to duty 24.9.35
M. 02266/36 Mentioned by C in C Med for whole hearted co-operation during emergency 1935/35 while serving as COS
CW 16850/38 Apptd as C in C Med. extended till about May 1940

Captain's Confidential Reports
Source: ADM 196/90 -Captain's Confidential Report
Remarks Reporting Officer
May 11 S.206: All VGI. Whitehead torpedoes & mines. High service qualiificatons. Carries out work with marked interest & ability. Cpt Charlton
Sept. 11 All VGI. High qualifications in all branches. Excellent idea of discipline & leading of men. Strongly recomd. for advancement Cpt. Heath
21.12.11 C.W. 17813: Awarded R.H.S. Bronze Medal & Cert. for gallant attempt to save 3 men from suffocation in the provision room of SUPERB on 30.6.11  
Nov. 12 N.L. 7762/12 V. creditable inspecn. SUPERB by R/A Madden. Great credit to Cdr. Pound.  
Dec 13 R/A Madden (3rd Cr. Sq.) recds. for promotion, June 1913. and in Dec 13< R/A Madden
April 1914 Exceptional. Hard-working, v. thorough & loyal. G. organizer & has excellent manner. Exceptionally good & clear lecturer. Cpt. le Mesurier
  V/A Bayly recomds. for promotion. Bayly
15:9:16 Gazette 15:9:16. Commended for services in Jutland Battle  
20:7:17 "A v. able Capt. of a battleship. Keen & good physique. Has very materially assisted in developing the gunnery of the Division and Squadn. R. Adm Gaunt had a high opinion of his capabilities as a Flag Capt." Adm. Sturdee
  1919 Birthday Honours List - C.B.  
31:3:21 "Altho' I have not seen much of Capt. P. in the B.C.S. he served as my Flag Capt in Colossus for a short time, was my Asst. when I was D. of P., & I had a good deal to do with him when he was D.O.D. during the last year of the war. He possesses a strong character, an even temper, powerful physique: keeps himself v. fit. A strong Oar, v.g. at games, a keen sportsman. His services as D.O.D. in 1918 are well known at the Admy. In my opinion, his most valuable quality is an extraordinary gift of imagination & clear thinking, & he can put forward this ideas logically & convincingly. He certainly originated the Northn Barrage, the Dover flare patrol over the minefield & he persuaded me that an attack on Zeebrugge was a feasible opern, if an efficient smoke screen could be produced - for none existed at the time. Capt. P will always have a happy, efficient ship, & he is a good seaman. But he is a v. brilliant staff offr, & if properly made use of will, I am convinved, be of the greatest value to the Service. Specially recomd" Sir Roger Keyes
10:5:22 "An offr of exceptional ability with high qualities of resource and quick & correct instinct for war strategy & tactics. I consider him to be an ideal C.O.S. to a high Comd. As Capt. of a ship I have found his only weak point to be a failure to exact from the personnel the highest standard of discipline & efficiency which ot is necessary to insist on, no that our numerical strength in ships & men has been so much reduced and he is inclined to repose undue trust & confidence in offrs before requiring sufficient proof of their fitness for this. His loyalty & stunchness of backing to me could not have been exceeded. R/A Cowan
22:3:30. Report by Adm. Sir Roger Keyes:- "I first came across R/A Pound in 6/17 when I hoisted my flag in 'Colossus', which ship he commanded. I was immensely struck by his high professional ability, his grip of affairs & his unbounded energy. A leader who demands a high standard of service & invariably gets it. He was subsequently my principal asst. when I became D.of P. in 10/17, and was subsequently D.O.D. when I was the V/A at Dover; in both capabilities his work was much under my personal notice. Again, later, he was D. of P. when I was D.C.N.S., 1922/25, & , C.O.S. in the Medn. (1925/26). I have an unbounded admiration for this offr. as a staff offr., a leader & a sea offr. Possessed of excellent judgment, he is a wise counsellor. I consider that he shd. be, and I believe that he will be, 1 S.L. before his career comes to an end." Admiral Sir Roger Keyes
25:5:30 "Has comd the B.C.S. with the highest zeal & ability & has been an exceptional and outstanding R.A. Very loyal, energetic & determined. He is an enthusiast in his work & a remarkable organiser. He works his squadron hard, but is equally keen to look after their welfare. I consider he is marked out for high comd afloat, both by his tactical skill, his technical knowledge & his personality. He is equally qualified for Admiralty administration. Adm Chatfield
23.4.31 V/A Pound has commanded the B.C.S. with conspicuous success. He is very progressive in all his ideas & in his training & handling & though he works all those under him harder than most Flag Officers he is popular with everyone & much looked up to. He is certainly marked out for High Command & can be confidently depended upon in any position in which he may be placed for his tecnical knowledge os as good as his tactical skill & both are of a high order. M.H. Hodges
C in C Atlantic Fleet
Jany 1933 "A most able 2 S.L. A offr of v. strong personality. Recomd for comd of one of the principal fleets in due course" Adm Field (1 S.L.)
  Awarded K.C.B. - Birthday 1933  
  Italio - Abyssinian dispute 1935 - 1936 Brought to the notice of Their Lordships by Admiral Sir W Fisher, C in C. Mediterranean, for excpetional services rendered during the Italio - Abyssinian dispute 1935 - 36, as follows:- "I believe it is to be without precedence that an Officer of his rank should have volunteered to serve as Chief of Staff. His work for me. & with me, was so whole hearted & self effacing that I find it impossible to express the sense of obligation & gratitude that I shall feel for all time." M.O. 2266/36 Admiral Sir W Fisher, C in C. Mediterranean
  Coronation Review, 1937 - G.C.V.O.  
  New Year, 1939 - G.C.B.  

Admiral of the Fleet
Sir Alfred Dudley Pickham POUND, G.C.B., G.C.V.O.

Awarded Order of Polonia Restituta, First Class, by the President of the Polish Republic in recognition of his services to the Polish Navy.

(L.G. 22.12.42)

  O.M. (3.9.43)  

Dudley POUND

The Board resolved that an expression of their appreciation should be conveyed to Admiral of the Fleet Sir Dudley Pound on his resignation of the office of First Sea Lord. A copy of this message is appended to these Minutes.

9th October, 1943.

My dear First Sea Lord,

A their meeting to-day, the Board of Admiralty resolved that I should express to you on their behalf their deepest regret that ill-health has occasioned your retirement from the Board and the loss of your invaluable services.

They consider that your arduous labours during the past four years of war as First Sea Lord and Chief of the Naval Staff are largely responsible for the present highly satisfactory state of the war at sea, particularly in the Atlantic, and the predominant position generally of the Royal Navy, a position which has recently been emphasised by the surrender of the Italian Fleet and the reconquest of the seaways in the Mediterranean.

They are fully conscious that the high state of efficiency of all units of the Fleet at the beginning of the war and since was largely due to your untiring insistence unop training and preparation for war in all its aspects.

They wish me to say that they will miss your unfailing help and guidance on the Board and that each member individually will long continue to feel a sense of personal loss.

Yours sincerely.

(Sgd.) A.V. Alexander


Admiral f the Fleet Sir Dudley Pound,

G.C.B., O.M., G.C.V.O.


Commander's Confidential Reports
Source: ADM 196/
Remarks Reporting Officer

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