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Updated 24-Jan-2010

The purpose of this site is to offer a comprehensive resource covering the careers and postings of Royal Navy Flag Officers during the period 1904 to 1945. We also intend to make available various naval records and documents pertaining to the Royal Navy of this time period. Needless to say, this is potentially a big undertaking. If you have any comments about this site, questions that are not answered by our Frequently Asked Questions or would like to volunteer time or materials to the site, please contact us.



Paul Bevand (primary)
Frank Allen (secondary)


Peter Beeston (document transcription)
Michael Nottage(document transcription)


Important Note: Please understand that we run this website on a voluntary basis – though we are committed to this site, we want to remind our readers that we do have other commitments that require our attention: Things such as the H.M.S. Hood Association and of course, our regular jobs and families. With this in mind, please understand that we won't always be able to respond quickly.


Anyone is welcome to help develop the site. If you do so we will be sure to list you here as part of the site's extended staff. Please see below for ideas of how you might be able to help out.


The site will progress more quickly if there are more than two of us working on it. Anyone wishing to help us is most welcome. There are many ways in which you may be able to help us.

Transcription work

If you can help with transcription work that would be ideal - you just need a PC and some spare time. We are not looking for a massive commitment - you can do as much or as little as your own schedule allows. If you have any knowledge of html that would be good as well but it's certainly not a requirement to get involved. Anyone helping with transcription work will be credited on any pages which they have transcribed as well as here on the general 'Staff' page.


We are always on the look out for photos of Admirals. If you have any postcards etc. which you would be willing to scan, please let us know. We will credit you with any photos you send.

Book reviews

We hope to offer a 'Books Database' in due course. If you have read any books relating to the history of the Royal Navy from 1904 to 1945 and could offer a short review please let us know.

Development of the 'For Kids' Section

If you are a history teacher who could help with professional knowledge of the curriculum and how we could best develop a resource that would be useful to children please contact us.

If you could help out in any of the ways described above, please contact us for more details.